Ted Williams is A Bum

Who hasn't heard of Ted Williams? It's a pretty cool story about a homeless guy with a 'golden' voice. His story is that he used to be a pretty respectable guy that had education and a family, but alcohol and drugs took way and eventually he ended up as you see him in the video. The video above got so popular, I don't think I could mention the name Ted Williams without everyone knowing who I was talking about. Apparently he was 2 years clean. He wasn't. Look at him. There are so many resources for the homeless to take advantage of nowadays there is literally no reason for him to be out there if he wasn't on drugs. I'm not an expert on the subject, but I love watching documentary's and I've seen a bunch about homeless living, and the fact is that there is no reason for him to be out there if he was clean. Anyways back to the story. He eventually got a job (and a haircut thankfully) and Dr. Phil took notice. Now if you've been following his story with Dr. Phil you'd see how much of a douche bag this guy actually is. He destroyed his family, they all hate him and with good reason. He still drinks and does drugs, and Dr. Phil even offered him free treatment to help get his life back together. He quit rehab after only a few days in treatment. I know the story sounds inspirational from his point of view, but that's only because hes a dirty drug addict who manipulates people. I say we put him back on the streets where he belongs.


  1. i saw this photo in another blog and was talking about this man he is the rich man...!!!!!